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Protect Your Skin this Summer

One thing I’ve always been adamant about since high school is protecting my skin! I started seeing a dermatologist pretty young and wearing sunblock  everyday was the best advice she gave me. Sunscreen simply and effectively helps block your skin from the sun’s UV radiation that will otherwise increase its risk for melanoma (skin cancer), cause pre-mature aging and other general damage like (wrinkles, sunspots, etc.). In switching my products to more natural ones, I was happy to discover COOLA, an organic suncare line. The product is sold conveninetly at Target and also on

I am a huge fan of ‘user reviews’ and before I purchase any product online (or even in stores), I always check reviews from real people. It’s also another reason why I started my blog to give honest feedback and of course inspiration. COOLA, had great reviews on many of their products on Amazon. I decided to try the COOLA Sun Care Sport SPF 45 for my body.

This product is great because it’s protective, organic and safe for my skin. I also like that it’s unscented so I can layer my own fragrance and not smell like beach and coconuts the entire day. The only con to this sunscreen is that it’s very thick. It takes awhile to rub in for a normal daily moisturizing routine. However, they do offer the spray version soon which I will be trying to compare! I would recommend this product for extensive periods of being outdoors (going to the beach, sporting events, summer festivals, etc.)!  To check out the rest of their products online, click here.121744


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