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ZOLA – The MODERN Wedding Registry

Hello my fellow brides-to-be! My friend recently sent me to this wedding registry website called ZOLA. It’s the “modern” wedding registry website and iPhone app so you can avoid going to multiple stores to pick out your future presents. It is very easy to navigate and reminds me SO much of Pintrest. When you first sign up, the site prompts you through each curated household category and makes it easy and convenient for you to select your choice by providing you with three clear options. The three options are priced: reasonable, moderate, and splurge. If you already have the item, you can easily skip forward. If it’s an item that you need multiples of (ie. dishware) you can adjust the quantity size. If you have something else in mind, the scanner on your iPhone app or the bookmarklet option allows you to add items to your account from anywhere on the internet.


Your personal page and registry allow you to create a custom URL and a personalized greeting for your guests. If you’re a couple that already has a lot of “stuff” together that would be on a traditional registry, you can opt for the honeymoon cash fund. I love this because you have the option to go traditional (household items), modern (honeymoon fund) or both! Maybe you just want to upgrade a coffee machine, but you already have a toaster…you can add something to your honeymoon fund instead. If the item is expensive, you can set up group gifting so multiple people can contribute. For your guests, the site includes a gift tracker to help the buyer know what has been purchased already. It’s also a great tracking tool for the registered couple so you have a list of who to send thank-you’s to.


  • Convenient, do not have to leave to the store, fight traffic and drag your fiancé along (saving time + energy = success)
  • Easy for guests to purchase. They don’t have to go to the store either! They can just ship your gifts.
  • Easy to promote on your wedding website and/or invitations
  • The combination of both household items AND honeymoon cash fund
  • Easy to navigate, the website prompts you along to each category


  • Could be too modern for older guests that do not frequent the internet
  • Miss out on the traditional in-store scanning experience

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 7.28.10 PM

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