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But First Coffee…at Alfred Coffee and Kitchen Melrose Place

I finally got to see and sip the hype of Alfred Coffee & Kitchen on Melrose Place. This trendy LA coffee shop slowly began to coat my Instagram feed from bloggers, friends and co-workers. I have a Nespresso machine at home which I love, but my curiosity couldn’t help but wonder why is this place so good (other than the cute, “But First, Coffee” cups of course…)?!

Well first things first, it’s in a great location. Somewhat off the beaten path on a street that’s safe to walk across in LA. I didn’t have much trouble finding parking on the street at 11am on a Saturday. The coffee shop, in between two cute boutiques, is two stories high. The bottom floor is where you place your order for coffee, pastries, sandwiches and salads. There is seating below, but it gets pretty crowded due to the ordering line. The line moves quickly and while you wait, you can shop through the truffle chocolate shop inside, Compartès.

Since  it was a warm day, I decided to go with an iced Americano. It was very refreshing! Although, the two famous drinks they’re known for is the “$10 latte” and “Alfred Cone.” The $10 latte is a full bottle of Pressed Juicery’s chocolate or vanilla flavored almond milk with a shot of espresso over or ice. The “Alfred Cone” is a shot of espresso or macchiato in a mini waffle cone dipped in chocolate.

Overall I was impressed with the taste and ambiance. It is a great location to meet with a few friends on a pretty day and drink some great coffee. #STAYCLASSY

alfred-interior-3(Pic from Alfred Coffee website)



Compartès – truffle chocolate shop on the bottom floor.IMG_2605 IMG_2607


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