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Clean Skin at Skin Laundry

The newest addition to my beauty routine, Skin Laundry! It is a new laser and light treatment that vaporizes the impurities and dirt from your skin and gives deep cleaning to your pores. The treatment is 10 minutes long. You can book an appointment easily online through their website. You should not plan to wear make up after the treatment for the rest of the day or at least a few hours to let your skin breathe.

If it’s your first time, the treatment specialist will give you a consultation to explain the process step by step. It is recommended that you do treatments close together to see the best results. The treatments help with acne, acne scars, skin pigmentation and overall radiance. They’ve also started doing teeth whitening in the Santa Monica location and soon all over. There are several locations throughout the Los Angeles area and one in Arizona which can be found here.





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