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Creating Your 2016 Vision Board

I started the beginning of the year with a 21-day “Daniel Fast,” a spiritual fast based on scripture Daniel 10:13 (and Daniel 1:8). The goal and purpose of the fast is to seek a closer relationship with God by detoxing your physical body from self-gratifying food and drinks. No meat, dairy, white flour carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine or unnatural sugar can be consumed during the fast. It’s a great way to begin the new year in prayer and strengthen your faith as you set focus for the year ahead. I am on Day 19 in this fast as I write this post and I’ve felt so much change in my heart and outlook toward 2016. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel like I can live in “my moments” instead of worrying about what’s ahead — which has always been something I’ve struggled with.

Every year, I create a “Vision Board” for myself for the year ahead. I have practiced writing down my goals each year since high school. I have seen MANY of the goals that were written down come to fruition. In fact, I just came across this note that I wrote when I was 21! And I’m happy to say…I’m doing these things!


For 2016, I’ve decided to create my vision board a little differently based on a Daniel Fast journal I was given at church. At first, I didn’t understand the idea of writing down my goals in 4 different categories as I thought they were all one. But I realized, having the categories helped me break down my goals into a meaningful and achievable plan. Here’s what I mean:

Targets: Targets are the things that are attainable that YOU are in control of and aiming for. They require precision and expertise on your part and through hard work, determination and skill, can be hit (or accomplished). Your targets can be “hit” precisely based on your personal efforts.

Goals: Goals are the things that you achieve by hitting all of your “targets.” I see goals as long- term, big picture in the near or far future. The things we condition ourselves to do everyday help us reach our goals.

Dreams: Dreams are the things we desire or wish to happen. They can be idealistic, they can be wild but they’re important because they keep us motivated in hitting our targets and reaching our goals. I am proud to be a DREAMER!


Prayers: Prayers are the most important part of this! It’s acknowledging that without GOD you can’t achieve any of these three categories on your own. For me personally, my goals and dreams are big and without my quiet time and prayer, I think I might drive myself crazy. My faith and God’s grace comfort me in those times of doubt and unassurance and remind me to keep moving forward (Hebrews 11:1).

I hope this post helps and encourages you to create a Vision Board for 2016 if you haven’t already!

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about the Daniel Fast, click here.


  1. I like the idea of a “Vision Board!” Thank you sharing. I love your phrase, “My faith and God’s grace.” Very soul stirring and inspiring. Encouraging words. Your year be blessed with continued blessing and fulfilled targets, goals, dreams and prayers!!


  2. Ann T Waller says

    Writing down goals, evaluating and revision of those goals are important structures that help make our lives more manageable and productive.


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