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Mykonos Travel Guide

Our second stop on our Greece honeymoon destination was Mykonos! It is known as the “party island” and “Greece’s answer to Ibiza.” Their high season is May – August, with July being the most popular month for partygoers. Clubs stay open until 7am and some even 10am. Since we came in early October, we avoided much of the touristy crowded streets and bars. However it was just enough to appreciate the liveliness and beauty of the island. Here are the details from our trip!


Airline: Aegean Airlines (30 minute flight from Athens)

Transportation: Taxi to the hotel and our hotel provided transportation to the city each night (5 minute ride from our hotel).

Hotel: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos (Gorgeous! I would definitely stay here again and highly recommend this hotel). The hotel is seasonal and only open May – October.


Trip  length: 2 nights (but definitely stay 3 – at least!)


Chora (Mykonos Town): Much of Mykonos sightseeing can be done in or close to the “Chora” which is Mykonos Town. It is where all of the restaurants, shops, cafe, bars and clubs are located. When looking up hotels, try and find one close to here. During the day it is quiet and beautiful to stroll through the pathways of white washed buildings and stone streets. Restaurants are open late here too!


Island of Delos Tour (20 Euro per person): Known as the birthplace of Apollo. You can catch the ferry from downtown Mykonos to the island that is about 2 miles away. It’s a beautiful 20 minute boat ride. When you get to the island, it will look like nothing but piles of rocks everywhere! I highly suggest hiring one of the local tour guides on the island for 10 Euros if you want to appreciate the history of the island. The stories are quite fascinating! There is also a museum in the middle of the tiny island. The boat stops here for about an hour and a half.


Kato Milli (The Windmills): A beautiful photo stop and a great place to watch the sunset during the evening. It is easy to get here by walking through Mykonos town.


Old Venice: This is on the edge of the Chora on your way to the beautiful Windmills. It is the area the houses the old fishermen’s homes along the water.

What we missed….spending time at the local beaches! We enjoyed our hotel so much that it was hard for us to leave, but from what we looked up, they are beautiful and definitely worth seeing. At least now we have a reason to go back!

More photos from our trip below…




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