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My “Big Hats and High Tea” Bridal Shower

This past weekend, my friends and family threw the cutest AND classiest bridal shower for me. The theme was “Big Hats and High Tea.” It was so fun and perfect for my personality because I love dressing up and have always wanted to pull out my inner Kate Middleton and rock a fabulous fascinator hat! Also, most people who know me know that I LOVE tea!

Take a look at the pictures from my shower below:

IMG_0279 IMG_0273 IMG_0278 IMG_0272 IMG_0282 IMG_0269

IMG_0266 IMG_0268 IMG_0265 IMG_0264 IMG_0257 IMG_0263 IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0259 IMG_0258 IMG_0250 IMG_0248 IMG_0247 IMG_0246 IMG_0245 IMG_0239 IMG_0241 IMG_0286 IMG_0316 IMG_0328 IMG_0339 IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0465 IMG_0368 IMG_0348 IMG_0346 IMG_0342 IMG_0377
IMG_0391 IMG_0370A BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and family members who helped in putting this together and also for attending. I had a blast!!!





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