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Paris Travel Guide

I am so excited to write this post and couldn’t think of a more perfect time of the year to share with you all the most romantic trip I’ve ever taken. Paris is everything you imagine it to be and so much more. It is a city rich with art, culture and history. I had the opportunity to visit this charming city in the month of October. The weather was crisp, warm enough during the day for pants and a light sweater and cool at night for a fancy long coat.

My fiancé and I stayed in Paris a total of 4 nights and our goal was to see as much as we possibly could. We took a cab from Charles de Gaulle airport to our hotel. *WARNING* There are Parisians at the airport who try to scam you into taking one of their cars. They will tell you if you don’t have a reservation through your hotel, you cannot take a normal taxi. Do not listen, follow the ‘TAXI’ sign. We almost bought into this, but luckily turned around. The drive from the airport to our hotel was about an hour and a half. You really don’t see much until you get into the city.

We stayed at a 4-Star hotel on Avenue de Champs-Elysées in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, their luxury shopping district. It is also close to the famous Arc De Triomphe, a historical landmark and national monument of the city. Whenever I travel somewhere I’ve never been, I try my best to stay in an area that is centrally located. I feel it is much safer that way and more convenient to get around. The rooms in our hotel were tiny. 4 stars in Europe isn’t equivalent to 4 stars in the U.S. Plan to pack light when traveling through Paris because the city is built around necessity rather than excess.

On our first night, we also booked an engagement shoot. We met with an American photographer who now lives in Europe. She’s perfect for anyone interested in booking a photoshoot while in Paris because she also gives you a tour of the city during the shoot, hence the name Pictours in Paris.’ During that shoot, we got to see the famous Cathedral church, Notre Dame de Paris, the Lovelock Bridge and the Eiffel TowerAnastacia and Marcel print res-2IMG_5388

My favorite attraction on our trip was the Palais De Versailles also known by the French as the Chateau de Versailles. It’s a luxurious palace in the city of Versailles, a wealthy suburb outside of Paris, and is an hour train ride or a 30 minute cab ride outside of the city. The grounds take a few hours to walk around so plan to arrive early and spend at least half the day there. After walking through the palace, you can take a tram ride or rent a bike and tour the gardens, which include two smaller chateaus in the back.

*Entrance to the PalaceIMG_546510703966_10152899852933534_8320751817208178369_oRoom inside the palaceIMG_547710626299_10152899853108534_2234357574716914991_o Hall of MirrorsIMG_5503Gardens of Versailles10714034_10152899853983534_3418585577205330093_o IMG_5648 View from the back of the palaceIMG_5573

Other highlights of our trip include:

Restaurant Favorite List:

  • Claus Paris (Breakfast)IMG_526510604666_10152899849813534_8047178609347479455_o IMG_5270
  • BREIZH Cafe in the Marais District *Make reservations here (Breakfast/Lunch)IMG_5741
  • Angelina’s at Palais de Versailles (Lunch/Dinner)IMG_5547IMG_5545
  • Cafe Constant by the Eiffel Tower (Dinner)IMG_5214IMG_5213IMG_5216IMG_5215
  • Laudrèe (Dessert)IMG_5779 IMG_5796

My Do’s and Don’ts List:


  • Stand on the new glass bottom at the Eiffel TowerIMG_5766
  • Visit the observation deck at the Arc De Triomphe at night to watch the Eiffel Tower light show. This happens after sundown for the first 5 minutes at the top of the hour, every hour.10679577_10152899846403534_316299158111869231_o
  • Try steak & frites!IMG_5408
  • Take the train and walk around the city as much as you can.IMG_5750
  • Learn how to say hello and thank you (Bonjour, Mercí)
  • Visit Marie Antoinette’s Summer Palace at Chateau de Versailles
  • Take a selfie with Mona LisaIMG_5322


  • Waste too much time exploring The Lourve museum unless you really love art. Make sure you see the Mona Lisa though!
  • Don’t sleep in, there’s so much to see!



  1. Love this!! I will for sure being taking ALL of your Classy advice since I can see you have such great taste!! I CANNOT wait!!


  2. Sharon Alcazar says

    Thank you for posting! I love all your pictures and suggestions. I am looking forward to vacationing with my husband in July!


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