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Almond Oil for Dark Circles Under Eyes

I have always struggled with dark circles under my eyes even though I get plenty of sleep! In fact, it’s the one reason I wear make up to begin with, to help even out my skin tone. I’ve tried other beauty products before to help reduce the pigmentation and always gave up. Either because it burned my eyes or I didn’t feel like it was working. Also, the eye creams tend be really expensive for such a small amount.

In my quest for new and healthy beauty, lo and behold…almond oil. An all natural approach to reducing dark circles under the eyes. Almond oil also has many other benefits: anti-wrinkle, moisturizing (rich in Vitamin A, B and E all good for skin), make-up remover, can be used for hair and many other things. Most importantly, almond oil is a natural and safe approach to mending my tired eyes.

I purchased the ‘Now Solutions’ sweet almond oil in the beauty section of Whole Foods. I emphasize the beauty section because almond oil used for the face should not be purchased in the cooking section. Those oils can sometimes be processed differently and include chemicals. Also, make sure to use an almond oil that is cold-pressed or organic.

It’s only been a few days, but I do believe I’m actually seeing a difference. Where I normally put concealer under my eyes before walking out of the house, today I didn’t have to. Just some ultra-protective sunscreen and gloss. Of course, this is supported with drinking lots of water, a healthy diet and enough sleep!


Check out the New Health Guide to see the many benefits of almond oil in detail!



  1. This is the exact almond oil I use, but I order the two pack from Amazon. It works great for dark circles, but I also use it to oil cleanse. I will be posting a blog next week, but this + Thayers witch hazel toner = the best skin ever. Natural. Great post!


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