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Poke Poke in Venice Beach

I have always been a Hawaiian at heart. My mom was born in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii at the age 9 on the island of Oahu. Growing up I went to Hawaii frequently, my first trip being at the age 3. My Asian culture growing up was therefore a blend of both Hawaiian and Filipino. One of my all-time favorite Hawaiian dishes is Poke.

Traditional Poke (if you are not familiar) is usually referred to as fresh Ahi ‘yellowfin’ Tuna seasoned with sea salt, soy sauce, green onions, maui onions, chili pepper and sesame oil. Of course, there are other variations and combinations of seasonings.  If you are a fan of sashimi or nigiri, this dish is right up your alley.  The sesame oil is the most prominent seasoning in Poke and is really what gives it a unique flavor. Poke is usually best served cold and with rice.

I was so excited when I finally stumbled upon a place to get fresh Hawaiian style Poke in Los Angeles.  Right off of Ocean Walk Boulevard in Venice Beach, between 18th and 19th street is a little ‘hole in the wall’ (literally) called Poke-Poke.  I could tell it was going to be good based off how long the line was when I arrived.


Their menu is simple yet creative enough for any palette that is willing to try Poke. Each bowl comes with white or brown rice and the signature ingredients with yellow and green onions.  There are also add-in ingredients free of charge to add extra flavor to your bowl.  If you would like to be extremely healthy, you can order your bowl Hawaiian Style, which comes with no rice or add the Poke on top of a kale salad.


I chose to try the traditional poke and added Macadamia Nuts and the Aloha Bowl and added seaweed and avocado. If you’re in the Venice area, give this place a try! Leave a comment and let me know what I should try the next time I visit! #STAYCLASSY




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