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Seductive Eyes with B.T.S. Mascara

One of my favorite beauty products is of course…mascara! Who doesn’t love a mascara that adds length and volume to your natural lashes. I’ve been one to constantly try different mascaras and have a few favorites on the market. But nothing I’ve tried compares to Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex Mascara.’ I’ve tried everything from Dior, Bare Minerals, Benefit, YSL and drugstore brands. This product beats them all.

This product is for those who want or like the look of dramatic, long full lashes. If you’re a lady who likes to normally wear “fake eyelashes” when you go out, I highly recommend giving B.T.S. mascara a try. The texture is very smooth and transfers easily from the brush to the lash. It can get a little bit clunky so you’ll want to have a brush to comb it out once you’re done applying. However 2-3 strokes should be enough to get the volume you want. Once it dries, it’s smudge-proof and lasts all day long. Too Faced cosmetics is a vegan friendly brand.




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