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Dip Ramen at SHIN

Tsukemen in Japanese, also known as “dip ramen” is the perfect dish for the warmer southern California climate. If you’re a devout fan of ramen like I am, than you have to experience this at least once…no twice. The purpose for dip ramen (aside from just being fun) is to have an alternative option to enjoying the warm brothy soup made with buckwheat noodles during hot weather seasons. The ramen noodles are served cold, along with the toppings while the broth is served separately in a smaller portion, with more dense flavor and hot. When you dip the cold noodles into the hot broth, the combination of the two makes it perfect for enjoying without being overwhelmed by the heat.

SHIN, formerly IKEMEN, is on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea in a small shopping complex. They have a small lot for parking, but only a few spaces that they share with the other businesses in the complex. So far I have been lucky with parking the few times I’ve been. They have a wide selection of traditional and non-traditional flavored ramen broths (i.e. a broth that includes marshmallows and an Italian style broth). My favorite is the Zebra dip ramen pictured above and is also one of their most popular dishes. It’s extremely flavorful and garlicy. You can choose between two types of noodles, the traditional skinny noodles or thick. I prefer the thicker noodles. You can also choose a protein to go with the soup or go completely vegetarian. If you go and try other flavors, leave me a comment and let me know which one I should try next! #STAYCLASSY


Pork Ramen (the noodles are hiding)

IMG_2504Black garlic “Zebra Dip” RamenIMG_2506

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