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Big Sur Travel Guide

If there was ever a debate on whether or not California is the most beautiful state in the continental US, you must visit Big Sur. Three and a half hours northwest of Los Angeles, Big Sur is home to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Yes, the world. It’s been featured in many car commercials for obvious reason. Located off of¬†Highway 1, you can expect to see dramatic cliff edges, beautiful mountain ranges and of course, the vast beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. We happened to drive down on the perfect day. There was no marine layer and weather was warm enough to let the windows down and enjoy the ocean breeze. There are many designated cliffside parking stops along the way to get out and enjoy the view and take plenty of pictures. Big Sur is also the perfect staycation and weekend getaway for California natives. There are many hiking trails and restaurants nestled in the forest. Perhaps the best part is that the environment encourages you to just unplug. There are …

Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes California

As much as I love international travel, I hold something very special in my heart for ‘Staycations.’ I love a good getaway that is relaxing, but still close enough to home where you don’t have to go through check-in, security and aisle seats. Thus, I introduce you to the luxurious Terranea (terra-NAY-a) Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes California. The 102- acre private peninsula is absolutely breathtaking. We visited in the month of February and the weather was surprisingly perfect. Although we’ve been spoiled in California when it comes to winter weather. When we pulled up to the valet, I instantly felt as if we were on actual vacation in some tropical destination. The grounds include: residential bungalows, casitas and villas, an award winning 9-hole par three golf course, an ocean front spa, restaurants, bars, lounges, shopping boutiques and the best part a walking trail along the coast. The resort is also eco-friendly. We had dinner reservations at the hotel’s restaurant¬†Mar’Sel, but came early to grab a drink and enjoy the lounge and walk along the …

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Hey everyone, One of my new ventures in 2015 is stepping into the world of YouTube. I have always been a big fan of social media and the opportunities it can create. It is a great creative outlet and way to showcase the things that you are passionate about. Please take a look at a short trailer I’ve created and help support me by subscribing to my channel. It’s quick and would mean the world to me! Also, if you have a YouTube channel or Blog, please leave the link in my comments section and I would be happy to return the favor.