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Hand Rolls at KazuNori | The Original Hand Roll Bar

To all of my loyal Sugar Fish fans, you must try their new hand roll bar in downtown LA. It’s called  KazuNori | The Original Hand Roll Bar. This hot spot is a hand roll lover’s dream and is served authentic Japanese style. The small countertop restaurant seats around 20 people. We went late on a Tuesday night (around 10pm) and had no problem finding a seat. You’re given an order form and small pencil to choose from the pre-made hand roll menu which comes in options of 3-5 or you can order à la carte. Each option comes with their daily special and two other specialty rolls (i.e. scallop, yellowtail, tuna, lobster etc.) The preset combination is a bit cheaper than ordering à la carte and is similar to the style of the Sugar Fish menu. KazuNori serves it exactly the same too! You can see the chef preparing your hand rolls fresh in front of you and  they serve them one at a time. The best part, the taste…cold fresh fish on warm …

Breakfast Sandwich from Eggslut in Downtown LA

*Pic from website. Located in Grand Central Market in downtown LA is one hardy, ooey-gooey breakfast sandwich! If the name doesn’t intrigue you and pull you in, than the pictures on their Instagram feed certainly will. This instafamous breakfast spot, is open 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm. The menu has six exciting sandwiches and two specialities (one being the “slut”). The slut is a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar and served with a demi baguette.  If you’re trying to watch your carb intake, they offer all of the sandwiches on a salad. The line is usually long here and has limited counter seating so be prepared to get your meal to-go or find seating somewhere in the market which is like a food court. However, the pay-off of the delicious sandwich is well worth the wait!

Eating Gold at Hakkasan

Hakkasan Shanghai, is luxurious Cantonese Cuisine. The restaurant located on “The Bund” in Shanghai was so incredibly chic and delicious! A friend of mine recommended this restaurant to me after seeing that I was visiting the magical city on Facebook. I love restaurant recommendations when I’m traveling by the way! I always make my best effort to try them. The upscale restaurant is located in Bund 18 on the 5th Floor, right across from the famous Peace Hotel. The doors are tall, dark and mysterious. You’re not really sure what to expect when you slowly start to pry them open. All of a sudden, you will be greeted with the friendly receptionists in what seems like the entrance to a private club. We went on a Thursday night and did not have trouble getting seated, but it’s best to make reservations in advanced even if it’s the same day. Once we checked in, the waiter walked us through the restaurant bar area pictured below and to our table. There are a couple of different dining areas …