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Chinese Fine Dining at Mr. Chow in Malibu

If you’ve been in LA long enough or frequent celebrity-gossip blogs, you’ve probably heard of the fine dining Chinese restaurant,”Mr. Chow.” Asian-fusion cuisine seems to be a big “thing” in LA and I can’t say that I’m mad at it. Most people are familiar with the Beverly Hills location on Camden Dr. (parallel) to the famous Rodeo Drive. However, LA has two locations. I recently tried Mr. Chow Malibu which is inside of the high-end shopping center, Malibu Country Mart. The menu is very similar in both locations…delicious. The dishes are meant to be shared and served “family style.” One of the more popular dishes is the Mr. Chow Noodles. You can typically catch one of the noodle chef’s coming out in the middle of your dinner to demonstrate the process of making noodles to the entire restaurant. If you’ve never seen this before, you’ll be highly impressed with the precision that goes into it. Lychee Martini Mr. Chow Noodles Water Dumplings Drunken FishShrimp Fried Rice & Velvet Chicken*Additional favorite (not shown): Green Shrimp  

Dumplings at Din Tai Fung

My favorite meal in Shanghai was simple, authentic and at a chain restaurant. Din Tai Fung, a restaurant that started in Taiwan is most famously known for their xiaolongboa, also known as “soup dumplings.”  I have always been a fan of dim sum, but have yet to find a place in the states that I love. When researching where and what to eat in Shanghai, dumplings repeatedly came up. I was on a mission to find the best Shanghai had to offer. To my surprise, our friend traveling with us, who had been to Shanghai multiple times took us here! This actually wasn’t the first time I heard of this chain. Since I live Los Angeles, I had been invited to the Pasadena location once before. Now that I have tried it, I am so glad  we have one close by and I can say I’ve found my soup dumpling place in the states. Check out what we ordered below: Juicy Pork Dumplings – These are served steaming hot and fresh! The best and ONLY way to …

Eating Gold at Hakkasan

Hakkasan Shanghai, is luxurious Cantonese Cuisine. The restaurant located on “The Bund” in Shanghai was so incredibly chic and delicious! A friend of mine recommended this restaurant to me after seeing that I was visiting the magical city on Facebook. I love restaurant recommendations when I’m traveling by the way! I always make my best effort to try them. The upscale restaurant is located in Bund 18 on the 5th Floor, right across from the famous Peace Hotel. The doors are tall, dark and mysterious. You’re not really sure what to expect when you slowly start to pry them open. All of a sudden, you will be greeted with the friendly receptionists in what seems like the entrance to a private club. We went on a Thursday night and did not have trouble getting seated, but it’s best to make reservations in advanced even if it’s the same day. Once we checked in, the waiter walked us through the restaurant bar area pictured below and to our table. There are a couple of different dining areas …