Travel Guide + Vlog: Ibiza, Spain

Hi everyone! Promised I’d be updating my site soon with some travel I did last year and thought I’d start with a bang — our trip to Ibiza, Spain to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday! If you’ve never heard of Ibiza before, it’s a tiny island off the Southern coast of Spain. It’s been a popular celebrity summer destination for YEARS. It’s mostly known for it’s massive nightclub scene…and by massive, I mean the size of the clubs! They’re basically giant warehouses filled with pyrotechnics, dancers, laser light shows and whatever you can imagine. HOWEVER, there is much much more to the island than just the nightlife scene and I would HIGHLY recommend visiting even if you’re not into that stuff because other parts of the island are BEAU-TI-FUL! Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

So here’s the quick guide on how we booked and what we did…

Flights: We used my favorite traveling app Hopper to watch flights and were able to book a RT ticket from SFO > IBZ for under $700.

Accommodations: We stayed in an Airbnb in Playa d’en Bossa (the beach and close to all of the restaurants & nightlife) w/ 4 other guests.

Transportation: Take a taxi from the airport, but you WILL need to rent a car or be prepared to take taxis or the bus (it makes a lot of stops) on the day(s) you want to see other parts of the island.

Length of stay: 1 week – to truly relax and get into “vacay” mode plus get over jet lag, you need to dedicate at least one week to staying on this island (unless you plan to visit other islands close by). I would save 2-3 days JUST to travel around the island and visit other local beaches plus the neighboring island of Formentera (A MUST SEE) — and will take the entire day.

Where to go / What to see: My mentality when I travel IS to get THE MOST out of any experience. I like to do the touristy things of course (first time around) and also the local experience plus any recommendations from my friends. All this to say, the first things we did on our trip — the nightlife…

Nightlife: You pretty much HAVE to get tickets to go to any club in Ibiza, it’s just the way it works so be prepared to spend USD $35 – $50+ a night depending on who the DJ is that night. If you’re not familiar w/ who the DJs are, make sure you ask the promoters (which are all over the streets) so you can go to the club that best fits your music interest. SOME promoters can offer better deals than others, so it’s worth it to shop around a little bit.

Dress Code: Ladies, wear flats. These are not Vegas style clubs. They’re island style. You will be miserable if you wear heels since the clubs don’t shut down until 7AM.

Drinks: Are SUPER expensive in the club, USD $20 for a basic drink — so make sure you get the pre-game going!

Food: Mediterranean and Spanish style, a lot of seafood, plus normal American style cuisine (burgers, fries, pasta etc.)

Beaches: There are SO many beaches in the area so you’ll have to prioritize the ones you want to visit and spend time at. Grab a map and plan to visit them in order. All of the beaches usually have a restaurant/bar/food close by.



Cinema Paradiso – This was one of my favorite peaceful experiences in Ibiza, watching a movie under the stars. If you’re limited for time, I would skip this, but if you’ve got the time, this is definitely worth the “one in a life time experiences.”Cinema-paradiso-Feature.jpg

Bambuddah Ibiza – This is known as one of Ibiza’s top restaurants! The food is Asian fusion with a mostly Thai influence. IMO the food was decent, not great compared to other places I’ve tried, but the cocktails are great and the scene really picks up at night with the live music. Make sure you make a reservation if you want to eat here.IMG_5257e30f77a7b27a70fe5ae94b81da4f6454.jpg

Formentera Island: As I mentioned earlier, this is a MUST SEE! Take the earliest ferry out if you can and plan to rent a scooter and spend the entire day exploring the island. You will get a map that points out all of the different beautiful beaches. This was some of the clearest most electric water I have ever scene and I still dream about being here. WARNING: Make sure you get back in time to catch the last ferry out, otherwise you’re stuck on the island until the next day.


Caves of Can Marça (Puerto San Miguel): A great pit stop on the day you decide to tour the island. For a small entry fee you’ll get to explore underground caves that have some interesting rock formations with a tour guide to explain the use of the caves for pirates!

slideshow-1432808304TemploCala Salada: Here you can watch the sunset OR jump of the cliffs into the ocean and snorkel. You decide 🙂 IMG_0779GOPR2221

Port of San Antonio: On your last day, watch the sunset here! Champagne is allowed on the beach and fun performers come at night to entertain the crowd because the party never stops here…ever!


Hope you enjoyed this recap/guide! Feel free to leave me any additional questions/comments about Ibiza!


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